A Motorsport Blog

Flat In 6th stems from a sarcastic Twitter account that I set up in early 2010. It’s aim is to two-fold, to poke fun at but also celebrate motorsport in all it’s many forms. I go to a lot of motorsport events during the year, so I thought I’d create a blog to write about and show photos of what I’ve been up to.

I’m an enthusiast, not a journalist, in that I don’t just want to post up the results. There’s a lot of little stories that go on during a race/rally weekend that aren’t widely reported, it’s the experience of being there that’s important.

Last year was quite a busy one, but I want this year to be even busier. Highlights of last year:

  • Historic Motorsport Show – Stoneleigh
  • FIA GT Championship – Silverstone
  • Formula 1 British Grand Prix – Silverstone
  • Vintage Motorcycle Club Coventry Parade – Coventry
  • British Touring Cars – Silverstone
  • Trax Performance Car Show – Silverstone
  • Le Mans Series – Silverstone
  • British Superbikes – Silverstone
  • Britcar 500 – Silverstone
  • Cambrian Rally – North Wales

Lets see how 2010 pans out…


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