2010 – A Race Odyssey

Epynt – A ribbon of Tarmac sent from Heaven

I need to see more rallies this year. While I lived in Wales for 4 years, top quality rallying was right on my doorstep, after Rugby, it’s got to be the national sport. A favourite venue to visit was the Epynt military ranges near Brecon. It’s a widely used venue, consisting of  fast, pristine tarmac draped on a hill side, oh and there’s some big jumps.

Epynt is a venue that rewards the brave. The stages consist of long straights and sweeping bends over dips, crests, leading to high speed jumps. To rally fans it’s like the Baumholder stages in WRC Germany, to others, imagine the Nordschleife, but half as wide and with no Armco.

You get a variety of machinery doing the event, from WRC Imprezas to 1.4 Nova SRis, via the odd Metro 6R4 and classic Escort. What’s so great about Epynt is that it’s so fast, even a tiny Nova can be spectacular due the speed that they build up. If you want to see a rally car in full flight, this is the event to go to.

http://www.ptmconline.com/tour_of_epynt.asp – The organising club’s website, you’ll find spectator info here

http://www.ptmconline.com/entry_list.asp – Un-seeded entry list

March 14th is the date of the 2010 Auto Fix Swansea Tour of Epynt – No the date hasn’t escaped me, it’s F1 from Bahrain on the same day, I’ll have a tape set, this is too good to pass up…


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