Nurburgring 24 hr 2010

I thought I’d stick this video up here, because, well, it’s wonderful. I stumbled across it via Twitter and was so impressed that I wanted to shout about it.

It’s by Tim Hahne, I hadn’t seen any of his stuff before but I’m really impressed. His site is

I think the video (captured on a new fangled HD video capable Canon DSLR) captures the atmosphere of the race to stunning effect. I watched the race over the net with Radio Le Mans providing commentary via thier website (my German isn’t as fluent as it once was). I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage, but it’s videos like the one below that offer a perspective that TV coverage can’t match. It’s job isn’t simply to report what is occurring on track. Instead it instils the experience of being there, camped out with a BBQ at Flugplatz, drinking tins of lager at 2am. Heaven to GT racing fans.

I’ve made a promise to myself to visit the race in 2011 and it’s this vid that’s really spurred me on. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES“, posted with vodpod



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